Fish Skinning

The requirements of the market for fish products are becoming increasingly challenging.

The trend towards consumer-friendly goods has also been observed in the fish processing industry for years.

In addition to gutting and filleting machines, Tecnotrans has a wide ranges of machines used for skinning

Deep Skinning and Silver Skinning

Depending on the processing quantity and fish species, whether salmon, tilapia, trout, cod, tuna, mahi mahi, hake, shark and many other species, we supply open fish skinning machines and fully automatic belt skinning machines.

Slicing / Dicing

Whether to cut weight-accurate or uniform slices, we achieve this with precise and latest computerized cutting technology. We use slicers and circular blade cutting machines.

Both, fresh and frozen goods can be processed with the appropriate cutting machine. For cutting cubes we offer different models of dicers.

Soft Separator

In a gentle way, the soft separator removes valuable remaining meat from bones or skin of the fish. The result is a pure by-product, without tendons, cartilage or bone parts. Even the smallest machine has a remarkable capacity of approx. 400 kg / hour.

The separated meat maintains its natural fibre structure because it is not grated, ground or heated in any way !