Derinding machines nowadays are standard equipment for any pork processing plant. The Tecnotrans sales program includes manual table models, open derinder machines and high-performance automatic belt derinding machines. Very fast and precise, the rind is removed from flat and of round pork cuts. The cutting depth can be adjusted continuously from 0,1 to 8,00 mm

Membrane Skinning

Removing the membrane with a special membrane skinning machine means an increase in productivity. It is also a necessary step before tumbling process. The machine quickly and reliably removes the membrane and leaves an excellent final product. It is important to avoid high loss due to excessive cutting.

Tecnotrans offers several highly efficient skinning machines to accomplish this task.

A cleaning roller in combination with a compressed air system keeps the machine parts clean in the cutting area. Different skinners are available depending on the processing quantity.

Slicing / Dicing

Food is subject to many processing steps right through to the ready-to-consume product. Of particular importance is the cutting of meat. A variety of slicers and portioning machines fulfill this function for cutting slices, strips or cubes.

When ordering a machine the application is clarified exactly whether it is fresh meat, frozen meat, boneless or bone-in meat.

  • Cutting and Portioning Machine
  • Circular blade slicer
  • Semi automatic slicer
  • Dicer

Soft Separator

The highest possible yield is the goal of every meat processing plant. The soft separator meets this goal. The precious meat is gently separated and can be sold at a better market price.

Various machines available for the small business and for industrial use with capacities from 500 up to 10,000 kg/h

The unprocessed meat is conveyed to the perforated stainless steel cylinder by a flexible and highly wear-resistant polyurethane crusher belt. The uniformly increasing pressure forcing the soft meat through the perforations into the cylinder while the larger and firmer parts (bones, sinews, tendons, cartilage, etc.) are held back on the outside of the cylinder and removed by scrapers.

The separated meat maintains its natural fibre structure because it is not grated, ground or heated in any way !