In 1997, Tecnotrans UG (limited liability) & Co. KG was founded by Ing. Martin Paulus.

The range of products and services extends to the international distribution of process machines for food processing and equipment for waste water and biogas plants and their continuous further development. Technical solutions for processing aloe vera from the raw material to the bottled finished product were added later.

In 2023, the company was taken over by its current owner, Ing. Michael Steinhorst, after one year of cooperation.

The existing product portfolio was expanded to include milk processing.

Our team of engineers

Ing. Michael Steinhorst                 Ing. Ximena Lara (M.Sc.)

What we do

  • Specialization for many years in the technological and scientific development.
  • Commercialization of advanced technology. High quality equipment made in Germany
  • Offer of a wide range of equipment and machinery for large, medium and small industries
  • Worldwide warranty for new equipment and re-manufactured equipment.
  • Answer to your questions in your own language.
  • Fast supply of spare parts.
  • Extensive experience in providing door to door to all countries.
  • Integrity and reliability in the processing of orders.
  • Customers satisfied with services of Tecnotrans are our best reference (please ask for references).